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How To Improve Your Company’s Break Room

A company break room is supposed to be a place to relax and recharge your batteries throughout the workday. If you own a business and notice more people spending time outdoors instead, maybe it’s time to reassess what should be the most enjoyable room in the building. To get you started, here are four ways you might be able to improve that spot.

Make It Comfortable

If your break room consists of a card table and a few fold-up chairs, you can do better. Invest in some longer tables, cushioned chairs and even a sofa if there’s room. Just a few minutes of comfort can really make a difference if employees have been working a long shift, so make it as restful as possible.

Provide Refreshments

One of the best perks of any job are the refreshments that are provided by management. Everybody enjoys coffee, or a pick-me-up, and that’s where food vendors Pittsburgh PA can help. Stock your break room with drinks and the best-loved snacks that help everyone get through the busiest of days.

Add Background Noise

Even the smallest of break rooms can benefit from a little distraction like a TV. Mounting a television on the wall provides a little background noise to the normal humdrum of the day. It’s also a great way to keep up on news, weather and it’s a good conversation starter.

Set-Up an Informational Hub

Since everyone uses the break room, it’s the best spot to set up an informational hub. Find a nice corner and hang bulletin boards for labor posters, newsletters, birthdays and other announcements within the company. It’s also a great spot to keep forms and job postings.

Boost Morale

Your company’s break room is the spot where people come to eat, relax and chitchat. Making the area bright, comfortable and well-stocked with goodies will boost morale and make employees feel appreciated.