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How to Stay Healthy When Travelling Internationally

People travel abroad alone or with their loved ones for so many reasons. It may be to further one’s studies, enjoy a vacation or strictly for business. For others, it’s an opportunity to soak up exotic cultures, have wonderful adventures and meet amazing people. Falling sick while abroad can prevent travelers from enjoying their trip to the fullest. Most of the tourists that visit Europe prefer to seek treatment in Switzerland hospitals.Perhaps you’re planning to travel to another country soon, considering these tips will assist you to remain healthy throughout your stay.

·        Schedule an appointment with your doctor

Travelers are often advised to update their routine vaccines regularly. The best hospital in Switzerland offers affordable and high quality medical treatment to patients. Endeavor to visit your doctor at least six weeks before you travel, except it’s very urgent. This is because some vaccines require booster shots in order to be effective. During the appointment, the doctor will also give you a general check up to ascertain your health status. It’s imperative to share your health concerns or any underlying health condition with your doctor.

·        Carry a first aid kit along

A first aid kit is essential when travelling internationally if you will be spending more than a few days. It should contain things like prescription medicines in their original containers, adhesive bandages, antibiotics, hand sanitizers, scissors, cotton wool and thermometer. Other things include aspirin, anti-diarrhea medicine and antibiotic ointment. In case you wear eyewear prescriptions, take an extra pair of contact lenses or eyeglasses and the prescription from your optometrist. It goes without saying that you need sunscreen in order to protect your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

·        Be wary of what you consume

Eating different mouthwatering cuisines is an experience that most tourists often look forward to. Fight the urge to try all the dishes at once and avoidpatronizing street vendors indiscriminately. A balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables is ideal for boosting the immune system.Taking this approach is a sure step to protect you from food poisoning. Drinking water frequently usually helps to keep the body hydrated and adjust to the new environment. It’s advisable to drink sealed bottled water in areas where the water isn’t potable.

·        Research about the country

Some diseases that have been completely eradicated in developed countries are still a threat in certain nations. You can check important information about the country that you intend to visit online. This will help you to discover the diseases that are common to such areas and take preventive measures. For instance, it’s necessary to pack insect repellants and mosquito net when visiting any mosquito endemic countries. Your doctor will also prescribe the right antimalaria drug in this type of situation.

·        Understand what your health insurance entails

Get to know the exact things that your health insurance will cover in case you have to go for treatment while abroad. You can consider acquiring a travel insurance if your private health insurance doesn’t cover you outside the country. Although you may have to pay for treatment, the cost will be minimal.