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Is it possible does drinking kill brain cells from inside?


Have you ever watched someone after they drink alcohol and you will clearly see the proof about their behavior that how does drinking to their brain? It is quite ironic that they behaved weirdly and forgot their manners the words coming out from their mouth are a slur and also lose control on their emotions. Some people have got a lot of doubts does drinking kill brain cells because they are using too much alcohol and they eventually end up making their lives miserable and forgot everything. If happened to be an alcohol addict then it is necessary that you should be aware that the three glass of beer can kill more than 11,000 brain cells.

But how you can say what side is the appendix on and it is true/ drinking alcohol does damage your brain for sure which those neurons that send electrical messages from inside linked to your body. That shakes them for some time, and you are acting weird and lost your balance of your body.

With that said we below have listed the real facts about is it possible does drinking kill brain cells from inside to help you understand what is the exact reality of it, which are the brain effects of drinking alcohol, do alcoholics develop any brain disorder, is there any way to treat this problems, and why it is important to know for your well being.

  • What is the exact reality of it?

Whether, you are a heavy drinker or lighter, the consumption of alcohol does not kill your brain cells. However, it does damage the neurons also known as dendrites this makes very hard for neurons to relay or send messages to each other.

  • Which are the brain effects of drinking alcohol?

Many people certainly can’t tell ‘’how does alcohol damage the brain’’ but one thing is for sure that heavy drinking comes with its price and you could get into some condition here brain effects of alcohol such as,

1) How much a person drink

2) Blackouts

3) Memory lapses

4) Liver disease

5) Damaging the cells


  • Do alcoholics develop any brain disorder?

More than 90% of the people who are alcoholics likely to develop a brain disease called WKS (WERNICKE KORSAKOFF Syndrome) suffering from getting confused, memory loss, muscle coordination, and eye paralysis.

  • Is there any way to treat this problem?

To treat people who moderate alcohol too much, there are few therapy sessions held in local medical facilities where they are treated and get rid of these problems so slowly they leave it eventually.

  • Why is it important to know for your well being?

When you get to know does drinking kill brain cells you have to take some steps and precautions to stay healthy and willing to quit drinking alcohol for your sake.