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Is Marijuana Addictive Once You Begin Using It

Yes, it is. Make sure you get in touch with mmar consultants to find out more. But there is one case in which this statement is true – while organized crime deals with marijuana, it will always try to “bury” its clients with drugs that ensure higher and more regular profits. The outcome of this situation is clear – weed users must have the legal right to grow on their own to limit the income of the mafia.

And more: the persistent propaganda that the weed leads to heroin is really able to convince many young and inexperienced people that they really have to try another thing if they use weed. Attributing non-existent weed properties makes young people not believe the damage to hard drugs, and this is particularly dangerous because these substances really have the power to kill.

Does the marijuana lead to de-socialization?

Consumers of grass and psychedelics claim the opposite – that these substances help them feel better with their people. But the effect of denial and stigmatization, also known as stigmatization, is also a direct consequence of the prohibition. It is quite natural for a person declared to be a criminal by his own country and a public addict to limit his contacts to people who understand him.

Is it true that marijuana is rather harmful?

Here is usually the familiar comparison with the knife – is it harmful or useful? The answer is one: Depends on how and by whom it will be used. The same can be said about marijuana, the internet, cars, and so on. That is why the specialists distinguish the use from the harmful behavior (too often, in a harmful environment, in large quantities, etc.). Because, ultimately, the drugs or knives are not harmful, but the ways in which they can be used.

Does the use of marijuana and other drugs lead to dulling?

Numerous studies of regular smokers have not noticed statistically significant violations of their intellectual capabilities. What’s more, there are brilliant students, scientists, prospering business people, and artists who consume weed all over the world. Naturally, there are certain drugs – tranquilizers, barbiturates, etc. – which really suppress the capabilities of the mind, but marijuana is definitely not among them.

In addition, dullness can only be the result of inadequate use of textbooks, books and the Internet, not the use of drugs. Naturally, if someone spends their entire time smoking weed, drinking alcohol or, ultimately, doing any kind of non-intellectual activity, cannot expect to develop his mental abilities, but rather on the contrary.

How does marijuana influence creativity?

Many artists say that weed enhances their ability to create their works, to perceive the hidden interconnections in the world around them, to appreciate the observed at different angles, or even to get inspiration and original ideas. But marijuana cannot in itself bring creative gift. Success in any activity is more the result of a little talent and a lot of work; and the grass cannot replace them.