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Lavender Oil and Its Practical Uses

We are really blessed that nature has given so many wonderful things to us. However, human beings have totally misused these natural things. We are experiencing the adverse effects of various harmful chemicals. Although we are well versed with the harmful effects of chemicals, we still tend to put our trustin them.

The Benefits that Nature has Given Us

God’s greatest gift to people is from nature. There is a host of beautiful and useful things that have come from nature. One such thing is the lavender tree. Lavender comes from a family of trees whichoffer great natural benefits. The tree is a native of Cape Verde and the Canary Islands.Lavender oil is a beneficial product that’s extracted by distillation of the flower spikes of certain lavender species. Here are some of the practical and beneficial doTERRA lavender oil uses.

  • Many people know that lavender is very well known for its smell. Hence it is popular for use in manufacturing perfumes. One can find a wide variety of perfumes which use lavender.
  • Lavender oil has great value in aromatherapy use. Many people diffuse it for aromatherapy benefits.
  • The oil is also used in painting. Lavender oil is often usedfor painting houses and other things.
  • The colour of the flower is extremely beautiful and makes it very popular.
  • The oil has been found to be extremely beneficial for skin irritations.
  • The can be mixed in many creams, soaps too. Thus the oil is greatly used in manufacturing cosmetics.
  • Lavender has been used in salads and dressings. Many hotels and restaurants use it for this purpose.
  • Historically, this oil was used a lot during the World War I at many hospitals. As it is very good for helping treat wounds.
  • In more recent times dried Lavender flowers have been used for decorations during weddings.
  • It was found in Bible that Lavender was the only oil which was used to prepare holy essence.

As one of nature’s gifts, Lavender is so beautiful and offers us many uses and benefits. It is people who should learn how to preserve and gain the benefits of the greatest gifts of nature. People who wish to learn more about the benefits of lavender and other essential oils should visit a reputable supplier like doTERRA.