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If you are struggling to lose stubborn weight with an inch or two from your waistline, Liposuction (Liposonix) in Delhi, India may be the best option for you. It is completely a non-invasive procedure technique that will use ultrasound to melt the fat under the skin. Liposonix procedure only targets a specific area of fat, let me tell you that there is no risk/harm also to the outer skin. This treatment has ‘N’ number of advantages and the surgeons in Delhi, India are capable of meeting their patient’s expectations. Talking about the cost, the cost of any liposuction (liposonix)  treatment in Delhi is very economical in range because of the developed medical system India has.

The power Liposonix treatment has:

In this procedure, the surgeon will use High-intensity focused ultrasound and does not use generic ultrasonic technology. The machine used during this technique focuses on the ultrasound technology which is 1 or 2 cm under the skin, it breaks the fat cells under the surface of the skin and makes the skin intact and firm i.e., you can lose as much as one full size. After this surgery, you won’t even feel any discomfort or irritation.

Basic advantages of Liposonix treatment:

  1. Treatment is targeted
  2. 1-2 inch can be loosed from the waistline area
  3. Non-surgical technique
  4. Requires no recovery period
  5. Only one single treatment needed, no other type of treatment is required

 Liposonix in India:

When the patients come to India or they are staying in India, everyone gets the best treatment for liposuction from the specialists. The specialists here are very keen in giving the best and successful treatment to their patient. Not even that, the specialists here don’t only follow the mechanical part of the treatment rather it conducts his own expertise, examination and experience to determine exactly what is needed to the patient. They even study your cosmetic goals before giving any suggestions to you. They not only give their view points, they even combine their specialist views and your needs and then create a personalized treatment program that will work best for you.

Talking precisely about the Liposonix technique it is again not a weight loss alternative, it will only help you in getting rid of 1-2 inches from your waistline area. The good candidate for this treatment is for surely going to reach its ideal body weight and is trying to remove the resistant fat.


The people with Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or less then that are the good candidate for this technique of liposuction. Following are the list of people who can be an ideal candidate for this treatment:

  1. People who are seeking to remove 1-2 inch of fat from waistline area
  2. Have a BMI or 30 or less then that
  3. Have a good health overall


This is not at all a painful treatment and does not even require any type of anesthesia because this technique only targets the beneath fat layers. Generally, following are the 4 steps under this technique which will help you in contouring your waistline part:

  1. The surgeon will first activate the High-intensity ultrasound machine.
  2. And the high-intensity ultrasound machine directly focuses on the beneath fat deposits and melts the targeted fat cells.
  3. Through this high-intensity technique the affected area is created in the fat cells and this is controlled very well and it even does not cause any pain.
  4. And this affected fat cells are removed from your body through the body’s natural process. After few weeks, your waistline part will get thing and it will be contoured and it will appear as you wanted to see it.


Since this technique is pain free, you can continue your daily activities after walking out of the clinic after your sitting is done. You will notice the result after 8 weeks of the sitting and your body will be losing the fat naturally.

To get your more questions/doubts cleared, please feel free to contact us on our online portal i.e., where you can avail free counseling from our medical councilor’s and get an appointment of the best surgeons for Liposuction treatment in India.