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Overcome Your Fears and Phobias with Rapid Transformational Therapy

A pioneering approach, RTT – Rapid Transformational Therapy is becoming a very popular treatment for phobias, fears and a myriad of other disorders such as anxiety and insomnia. The reason it is becoming popular is because of the amazing results being achieved. It works quite differently to ‘traditional’ hypnosis, in that it does not rely primarily on positive reinforcement.

How Does it Work?

This ground-breaking approach was created by Marisa Peer, considered the top therapist in the UK with more than thirty years experience. RTT combines hypnotic conditioning, trance and regression therapies: Not a single methodology. In reality, it is our own beliefs that were often installed many years beforehand that are usually causing the problem. Without becoming too technical and bringing in down to the bottom line, RTT teaches the person to get in touch with their subconscious mind and so deal with and fix any problems slumbering there – By doing this those issues can be identified and so overcome. In many ways it is self-development.

How successful is this RTT?

Some have spent a lot of time and money trying to deal with issues such as anxiety, insomnia, phobias, additions and low confidence or self-esteem. Often these treatments only work for a short time or have little effect at all. A session with a qualified RTT therapist is not cheap, the cost can be anywhere from a few hundred to almost a thousand pounds. However, Rapid Transformational Therapy has been known to achieve significant results in just one session. When people have spent years fighting phobias, addiction and anxiety with little or no results, the price of freedom in comparison is very reasonable. In addition, many have spent much more than that over the years and continue to suffer with their demons.

Is RTT the same as Hypnotherapy?

The short and swift answer to that is no! RTT uses a combination of therapies and approaches which does include hypnotherapy but that is not where it ends and hypnotherapy uses a quite different approach in many ways. Hypnotherapy provides positive suggestion within the subconscious mind which in turn provides a solution to the problem. However, it does not really deal with the problem par se which is why people regress. In many ways, it’s like covering a splinter with a plaster. RTT concentrates on removing the splinter which means it actually removes the problem.

Healing Even the Deepest Wounds

Scientific research has discovered that cells in our body called Epigenetics have their own ‘mind’ and we can heal and even change their state. One of the tools used in RTT is Command Cell Therapy which is based on this theory. In this way this therapy can actually heal deeply set wounds – The same wounds that are keeping you in the past and stopping you from moving on to that free and better life we all long for.

RTT – Rapid Transformational Therapy is providing long term solutions for people all over the world. Without doubt, it is nothing short of ground breaking. Why suffer more?