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Preparing to Become a Firefighter

Trained firefighters are dedicated to saving lives and are resourceful when using specific equipment. However, competition is fierce among prospective employees. There is a strict merit-based system that looks at several criteria to determine the candidate’s level of qualification. The good news is that firefighters are expected to develop into principled professionals who can thrive on stable, long-term employment. Even though the hiring process is difficult, passionate applicants shouldn’t be discouraged from taking the following tips.

EMR Training

Over 90% of fire departments require firefighters to take an emergency medical responder course texas. Most emergency responses are medical-related, so ambulances will often arrive at the scene. Firefighters and paramedics often work together and both must develop sharp cognitive and psychomotor skills to improve focus and reflex timing. A training course typically lasts twelve weeks and teaches professionals how to handle equipment properly maintain a safe environment.


Many departments allow high school students to help volunteer. Students can develop a basic understanding of how equipment works and often travel alongside professionals to observe how they respond to dangerous situations. Volunteers often attend meetings, which offer a learning experience and can help them develop friendships. Although they receive limited training, people aren’t hesitant to dedicate their time in meeting a candidate with experience in community service.

Aptitude Tests

A firefighter must take several tests to enter the profession. The mechanics aptitude test questions candidates on basic principles relating to hydraulic pressure and system operations. They also must take a reading and mathematics test, which determine how proficient candidates are in perusing technical instructions. All firefighters must take the Candidate Physical Ability Test, which challenges the candidate’s mental and physical endurance. Stair climbing and forcible entry are test events that emulate realistic situations. Aerobic and strength training are important in keeping the body in good shape, so it’s important for firefighters to exercise constantly.

Moral Integrity

Criminal behavior is an automatic disqualifier. A public history of anger management, traffic problems and domestic violence only works against the candidate. Most people have done something they’re not proud of, but the extent of social damage they have caused speaks volumes about their character. The firefighter’s character is based strongly on integrity and selflessness. Being mindful on social media also helps.

There are several criteria that candidates must follow if they want to become a firefighter. They should at least take an emergency management training course, have some volunteering experience, develop proficiency in focus and dexterity and have decent morals. It may be a tall order to some, but the career carries a sense of dignity that resonates with most people.