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Staying Well for Winter: Practical Tips for Older People to Follow

Cold winter weather can bring with it a lot of extra worry for older people. Age makes our bodies more vulnerable, and older people are more susceptible to strokes, heart attacks and chest infections during the colder months of the year.

The good news is that there are many simple actions that can be taken to help reduce the risk of serious illness and help ourselves to stay as safe, comfortable and healthy as possible, even when the temperatures take a tumble outside.

Staying Safe on Your Feet

Having grab rails installed to the exterior of your property, especially if there are stairs leading to your front or back door, can be useful throughout the year, but they are especially important to have when it’s icy underfoot. Similarly, sprinkling a combination of sand and salt on paths and stairs will help to melt potentially dangerous ice and reduce the risk of falling.

Staying Warm

When going outside, dressing in layers will help to keep you warm, and wearing shoes with good soles will reduce the risk of falls.

Maintaining a warm home is key to staying well, so it is important to ensure that your boiler and radiators are serviced annually. Equally, it is important to be fully aware of the financial aid you are entitled to receive towards your heating bills, and help with this can be easily accessed from Citizens’ Advice.

Keep Your Health

Staying healthy is incredibly important, and beyond ensuring you are eating a balanced diet and keeping as active as you possibly can, accepting the invitation from your GP to receive your annual flu jab can be hugely beneficial.

Many individuals work in clinical trial services, such as those from, to produce medicine to treat a number of illnesses, and always taking your medication and ensuring that you receive repeat prescriptions on time is vital to maintaining good health, especially throughout the winter months. As well as any prescriptions, keeping a selection of cold and flu remedies can also be beneficial to relieve any mild symptoms you may experience.

Finally, keeping a list of important telephone numbers, such as those for friends, family and utility companies, by your phone will help you to access assistance quickly should you need it.