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The Benefits of Original Honey Bees For Health and Beauty

Bees are an insect animal that can fly and have many benefits for everyday human life, the bees usually live in the nests that are made on its own like on the roof of the house. You can sell original honey on here.

Bees are animals that live in groups, in one group there are 3 parts that classify the insect animals. Here are the divisions, such as.

The queen bee is a female insect animal that is the mother of all the bees in the group. The task of the queen bee is to lay eggs or produce more bees.

Females or often called female bees, where female bees have a very large number can reach tens of thousands is very different from the male bees. This female bee has the task of collecting pollen and nectar which can then be processed into honey.

While the bees are bees that have fewer numbers than the female bees. Only hundreds of them.

Bee insects are able to produce honey is very nutritious for human health, honey bees in addition to food was honey can also be made as a medicine to cure various diseases.

Because of the many benefits or benefits that are given from honey bees, opening up the economy for everyone in general. The community can cultivate these insect animals which are then taken by the honey. Here are the benefits of bee honey.

  1. Benefits of honey bees can be used to reduce the symptoms that arise from allergies and asthma because honey is an anti-inflammatory agent as a natural remedy to reduce the symptoms of allergy and asthma without causing side effects
  2. Lose weight, for you women or a man who intends to lose weight in a natural way then can consume honey to control one’s weight.
  3. Serves to keep the gastrointestinal tract, by drinking honey 2 tablespoons mixed with a glass of water it will maintain the function of the human digestive tract to stay healthy and avoid disease
  4. Able to treat a cough and sore throat, it turns out the benefits of honey bees have many benefits for the human body if the consumption as a tea mixed with honey lemon fruit. It can cure a cough and sore throat that suffered by someone
  5. Mandu bees can also be used as an energy booster or a person’s energy because honey has a genuine sweet taste that can restore one’s energy or energy if it has been drained out for the job
  6. Honey is very good for the consumption of various ages ranging from children, adolescents, and even adults. Honey has a property to boost a person’s immune so as not to be susceptible to dangerous diseases because honey provides a lot of nutrients for the human body
  7. Honey can also be used as a prevention of bad bacteria that will attack the human body
  8. Able to overcome insomnia or trouble sleeping at night

In addition to having the benefits of bee honey on top of honey bees have other functions for health outside the body such as honey is very good for facial skin care to stay healthy skin of a person’s face and can also for hair care on the head. Here are some benefits of bee honey for the beauty of the face and hair on the head.

  1. Honey is able to remove acne scars on the face when used regularly
  2. Honey can brighten facial skin, to look white, clean natural
  3. Able to remove stubborn acne on the skin

Keep the skin moisture to keep looking fresh and youthful or slow aging

  1. Eliminate black spots on a person’s face
  2. Treating scars on the face when in use or in regular days
  3. Keeping hair to stay healthy and strong and not easy to experience loss
  4. Eliminate dandruff on the hair
  5. Honey can be made as a hair conditioner to keep your hair soft and shiny
  6. In addition honey bees also serves to treat chapped lips

So many benefits of honey bees make everyone in droves to breed bees are in use, honey. Because many people, in general, are eyeing bee honey.

Along with the development of time to make beekeepers honey more and more, because given the profits earned very much and able to penetrate the global market. And also to breed honey bees very easy but there are still some people who feel confused how to breed bees to get the benefits of bee honey is good and high quality.

  1. First, have to prepare the box and put a hole in the top
  2. Grab the lid of the box and not in the nail
  3. Bring the bee colony to move to the box
  4. Find the queen bee and cut its wings so it is difficult to fly
  5. If the wings of the queen bee has been cut off then do not let the queen bee down to the ground, when the queen bee has been found then can be tied using the thread and place it in a safe place or make a cage of matchbox with mosquito netting
  6. Ignore the bees flying around, when a bee knows the position of the queen then all the bees will follow the position of the queen of the bees
  7. Wait until the bees produce quality honey

A good bee is a bee that can produce quality original honey that has a high selling power, many people both sex or a man who are competing to obtain quality original honey.

So many people who need honey, it makes the traders of honey do various ways to gain a lot of profit regardless of whether or not. Here are some tips that can be used to choose a quality original honey.

  1. Honey has a sweet taste, and the sweet taste will usually bring ants, if you have honey that is not attacked by ants then automatically honey is not the original honey but the honey that has been mixed with other ingredients
  2. To find out that quality original honey is to dissolve honey into a glass that contains water, the original honey is honey that will dissolve in water that takes a long time
  3. Quality original honey is a honey that has a characteristic aroma and distinctive flavor, the original honey flavor has a very strong sweet taste and concentrated and the aroma that is produced has a distinctive aroma as well
  4. Original honey has a thick texture and thick so it can easily distinguish between quality original honey or honey that has been mixed with other ingredients