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The Costs of Vaping vs. Cigarettes: Who Wins?

Every year, the cost of smoking continues to rise, and with most states adding or even increasing its cigarette tax, most, who smoke, often wonder if they will even be able to afford to do so in the future. With no price drops coming anytime soon, it may be time to switch over to vaping to help a few extra dollars to your wallet, but does it really save you money? Let’s look at the costs of smoking versus vaping to see if you can truly save.

The Cost of Smoking

The cost of smoking will depend on the state you reside in, the brand you smoke and how much you smoke daily. To simplify things, however, let’s say you’re a pack-per-day smoker. With the average pack in the United States retailing for $5.51, you would spend close to $2,011 in a year, but again, it could be higher or lower, depending on which state you reside in. Granted, this price, of course, can also rise as time goes on as well, but in the meantime, it’s safe to say you will spend about $2,000 every 365 days.

The Cost of Vaping

The cost of vaping, just like smoking a cigarette, will depend on the device you use and the amount of e-juice or cartridges you use in a day. Vaping, unlike a cigarette, will use e-juice or a cartridge, and once it depletes, you will have to purchase a new one to use it again. According to a survey done by Dr. Farsalinos in the past, he had noted the average vaping user would use about three milliliters of e-juice per day, meaning you may have to replace your cartridge every 10 days since the average bottle contains about 30 milliliters.

So, putting this together, it can be safe to say the average vaping user will use about three millimeters if you were using an e-liquid. Now, depending on the brand of e-juice you purchase, the average price, according to most top sellers, would cost about $18 for a 30-millimeter bottle. If you were to need to buy every 10 days, as mentioned prior, you spend $18 36 times in a year, bringing your grand total for the e-juice to about $657.

As for cartridges, the study said the average user would use one to three cartridges per day, with the average five-pack retail for about $10. On the higher end, if you used two cartridges per day, you would need 730 cartridges per year, equating to 146 five-quantity packs. This 146 multiplied by $10 would equal about $1,460 for the cartridges.

Now, these prices are just for the refills. You have to also remember your starter costs, which will include your vaporizing hardware. The costs, depending on your preferences, can be anywhere from as little as $20 to more than a few hundred. Looking here,, you can see the varying price ranges to offer you an idea of what you would spend on one.

In Conclusion

Whether you use an e-liquid or a cartridge, it’s safe to assume, even when you factor in your initial vaporizer cost, you can save quite a bit if you vape instead of smoking traditional cigarettes throughout the year. Again, the savings will come down to your personal habits since some may smoke much more than others, but even if you vaped more than the average person, you could still save hundreds.