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The Dangers Of Ecstasy Use

Ecstasy has gained a reputation over the years as the premiere party drug of choice. This has enabled it to ensnare many a youth in its grip of usage. However, what the dealer WON’T tell you is just how bad the drug is for you and your brain, and the rest of your body as well.

It has been well-documented by researchers that people who abuse Ecstasy perform significantly more poorly on certain tests of memory and cognitive abilities than do those who do not use the drug. This is most especially prevalent in chronic users of the drug. However, there are also many other side effects to using the drug whose scientific name is MDMA and what is nicknamed “Molly” on the street.

Risk of ectasy addiction on the brain is most dangerous to those who adhere to the “rave” scene. This is because they have a tendency to overheat from the long instances of fierce dancing that many endure while at a rave party. When taken in high enough doses, the body can no longer maintain the ability to maintain its own temperature. This can lead to overheating, or hyperthermia, and can be fatal if the outside temperature is correspondingly high also. In rare, yet documented, cases, the body may become so hot that the liver, kidney, and heart all malfunction which can lead to permanent damage or even death.

MDMA, or ecstasy, has trouble metabolizing itself at large doses. What this means is that the amount of the drug can accrue in the body if multiple doses are taken over a short period of time. This can potentially lead to fatal amounts of the drug being in the system of the user, even though they did not take a fatal dose all at once.

Many of the psychological effects that haunt the use are unexplained but still very real. These negative effects can include high blood pressure, increased risk of stroke, extreme anxiety, insatiable craving for the drug, and blurred vision. These things happen not only while using the drug but also for days or even weeks after using the drug.

Many highly touted research trials performed on animals have indicated long-lasting and even permanent damage done to neurons. The neurons most particularly damaged are those connected to mood, judgment and even critical thinking. In one study involving primates, one instance of 4 days worth of exposure to the drug caused evidence of neural damage 7 years after the drug was taken. This is a clear indicator that even though the study was not performed on humans, it is still not safe for human consumption.

While ectasy addiction treatment may seem pale in comparison to such things as heroin treatment, it is no less a very needed thing. Untold numbers of young users find themselves addicted every year to a drug that in widely-touted as relatively safe and just a harmless “party drug.” In fact, using the drug in combination with other substances that are commonly used at parties such as alcohol or cocaine can increase the deadliness of the drug tenfold. This is because, with many of these drugs, they also have extremely negative effects on such things as blood pressure and body temperature. In effect, the cocktail of drugs play off of each other and create a Frankenstein concoction that can quickly overwhelm the unsuspecting user.

The intake and usage have grown exponentially among the young crowd which has led to the proliferation of very irresponsible drug behavior even in the context of the average drug addict. While there have been some reports of MDMA having positive benefits in regards to people suffering from PTSD, the long-term results of taking this drug in regards to humans has not been properly studied. This has led to disagreenebt among scintists about how to best test the drug in human subjects.

As you can see, the risks of ecstasy greatly outweigh any potential benefits that one may expect to receive. It is for these reasons that anyone, no matter what age they are, should avoid any use of this illegal narcotic. To not heed the warnings of experts is to purposely flirt with disaster.