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Ultra Omega Burn: Very Impressive Product!

I’m a 32-year-old male who does MMA in my county. I’m pretty into exercise, but I’ve never really gotten into fat loss supplements. Because I wanted to go down a weight class—from about 173 lbs to 169, if possible—I figured I could try a fat loss supplement which wouldn’t hinder my performance.

I heard about Ultra Omega Burn online, and a few training communities suggested it because it’s a 100-percent natural palmitoleic fatty acid. Some people claim it also decreases wrinkles, improves your skin and can help with other skin-related problems. I didn’t see these results personally, but I can see it having these effects.

It’s a mild product in comparison to other, harsher, alternatives. That said, it still works incredibly well. I have a pretty fast metabolism, but weight loss products have a weird effect on me. With most high-metabolism people, these products tend to reduce their weight rapidly. I never see more than a couple of pounds lost, however.

With Ultra Omega Burn, this wasn’t the case. I lost about six pounds, going from 173 lbs to 167 lbs. Color me impressed, too, because my training wasn’t impacted by the supplement. I was sweating more, but my energy levels remained the same or slightly improved. I wouldn’t suggest taking Ultra Omega Burn as a sports supplement, because it’s better used by those with cholesterol or hormone problems. It won’t hurt, however, to take it if you have an active lifestyle. A lot of people in the MMA community swear against fat burners. They can create fatigue, make hydration problems and tank your performance. Really, they’re just not worth the money.

For me, though Ultra Omega Burn was the perfect balance between “tame” and “effective.” I took the product for six weeks. The first week wasn’t necessarily bad, but it definitely felt awkward. I just felt “off,” if that makes sense. For me, though, this was invigorating. The product felt like it was working, I just didn’t know how it was working.

A nice side effect I noticed was an increased mental clarity. I had a sense of well-being while taking Ultra Omega Burn, and I definitely felt a mood lift towards the end of my six-week run. I dropped down a weight class, kept all of my strength and even increased my endurance a bit. For me, the endurance benefits weren’t really seen until after I’d stopped taking it. They’re there, but they’re hidden under the supplement’s current effects if that makes sense.

It’s hard not to recommend a fat-burning product that works so well! I know I’m not the average Ultra Omega Customer, but I can say this product is solid from a fitness perspective. If you’re looking for something effective without reducing your performance, Ultra Omega Burn is where it’s at.