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Updated Technology for the Pharmacy

There is always some kind of advancement in the world of technology. Pharmacies, while not a business that seems to thrive on technology updates, can benefit from an improved pharmacy IVR system. This type of system is one that makes processing prescriptions faster and communication with customers easier.

When a pharmacy receives or sends a fax, it’s not always about a specific patient. At times, the pharmacy might need to get information from the doctor’s office or from a company that delivers medications and supplies to the pharmacy. However, there are faxes that are simply irrelevant to the business. An IVR system allows the pharmacy to look through all of the faxes that are coming into the business before printing those that are needed or deleting those that aren’t needed.

An image scanner can be used to scan documents into the pharmacy system instead of wasting paper by throwing unwanted documents in the trash. This method of scanning also makes it easier to manage the files of customers. Important information can be scanned into a file instead of keeping documents in view of other customers. This means that the risk of someone stealing another’s information is lowered while keeping the filing system updated and organized. You can add notes to a file using an updated system, such as allergies and payment methods. Other notes can include how to take medications and specific requests that customers have made pertaining to orders that are processed. An updated system makes communicating with customers faster and easier by ensuring that everything is already in the computer system before the customer enters the pharmacy. Doctors can quickly send over a prescription instead of writing one that often features details that aren’t readable all the time. The new system allows for better communication within the pharmacy. Larger pharmacies would benefit from this more than a smaller one. A larger business often has multiple departments with several workers. Each worker can remain in a specific department instead of leaving the post to take a message or ask a question to someone who is in a different area.