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Ways To Overcome Your Weight Loss Plateaus

Losing weight can be a long journey with many ups and downs. It’s important to realize that committing to any sort of major weight loss journey, you will always hit weight loss plateaus. These are characterized as a standstill in which your weight doesn’t move. Let’s see what you can do to spark that weight loss furnace again.

Recaluculate Caloric Intake 

In order to burn fat, you need to consume fewer calories than your body burns. Everybody knows this is the secret to weight loss. A person that weighs 300 pounds is going to need to consume more calories each day to maintain that weight than a person that weighs 200 pounds. The person weighing 200 pounds needs less energy each day to maintain their smaller amount of bodyweight. This is a key concept to pay attention to.

If you hit a weight loss plateau after losing ten or so pounds, it’s likely that you need to recalculate your caloric intake. You don’t need to eat as much as you did ten pounds ago. A good rule of thumb is to recalculate your caloric intake after every 15 pounds of weight loss. There are many different formulas out there to calculate your caloric intake needs. We suggest sticking with one calculation throughout your weight loss journey.

Look For Hidden Calories 

Eating is ingrained into our minds and most times we don’t even pay attention to those simple things, such as a handful of nuts at the bar or a piece of candy from the bank teller. These hidden calories can add up. It only takes two extra beers to add up to a good 200 to 300 extra calories in your diet.

These extra calories can completely halt your fat loss. Remember, that when you are planning your caloric intake, it’s very likely you are only decreasing your calories by a few hundred each day. With a few hidden calories, you could be negating those few hundred calories and making it so you are consuming the ideal amount of calories to maintain your current bodyweight. You should include diet shakes for weight loss best recommended to decrease your hunger, as these will cut out many of those hidden calories.

Boost Your Cardio 

Cardio is a simple way to burn off more calories throughout the day. Even by just increasing your cardio session by 10 minutes, you can tip the scales towards a calorie deficit. On your weight loss journey, you can add cardio in a few times per week to get better fat shredding results.

Lifting Weights 

Weight lifting is becoming more and more popular as both men and women are discovering the mainly benefits that his type of exercise has on the human body. Lifting heavy weights can tax the body to the point that muscle fibers tear. The body will need to burn energy to rebuild these fibers, which grow back stronger. This is how muscles grow in size and strength.

By including weight lifting in your weight loss journey, you can receive the initial effects of burning calories during your workout session. After your workout is over, the calorie burning continues for days while the muscles rebuild.