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Who Should Wear a Mask?

Masks are recommended to provide a barrier that prevents respiratory droplets from traveling into the air and onto other people when you are coughing, sneezing, or talking. In other words, the masks are a form of source control. The CDC has recommended wearing these masks based on what they know about the role of respiratory droplets in the spread of COVID-19. As new information is becoming available about this virus, guidelines for wearing a mask will be updated. For now, masks should be worn by a variety of people whenever they are in close contact with others who are not from the same household. 

General Public

The CDC recommends that anyone in the general public who is older than two years old should wear a mask when they are in a public setting or around people who are not a member of their household. COVID-19 can be spread by people even if they are asymptomatic or do not know they are infected. This is why it is important to wear masks in public and observe social distancing. However, there are certain instances when individuals cannot wear masks. In these instances, alternatives should be considered. 

Infected Persons

If you are sick or think you might be, do not visit public areas. Stay home unless you need medical care. You should try to remain in one room as much as possible and stay away from other members of your household and pets. If you need to be around the other members of your household or your pets you should wear a mask. The mask will prevent you from spreading the virus. This is because it will help keep your respiratory droplets contained. 


Caregivers for people who are sick must wear a mask, even if they are in their own home. However, the protective benefits of wearing masks are unknown. To prevent getting sick, you should stick to other preventative measures, such as avoiding close contact, washing your hands, refraining from touching your face, and frequently cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. You must also remember to clean and disinfect your face covering, whether it is a mask, hood, or shield-19, every time you remove it. 

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, you should wear a mask whenever you are in a public setting or with individuals who are not a member of your household. This means the general public, infected people, and caregivers should wear a mask whenever they leave their homes.