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Tips for Long Curly Hair – Healthy Hair Tips

Hairs are an essential part of human beauty and curly hairs, as a matter of fact is a trend in modern fashion with natural texture, flips and layers. However, if you are blessed with natural curly hairs, the problem comes when you do not know how to style them and take care of them. It can be frustrating when it gets messy and the curls do not behave and creates problem.Avoid Hair Falls by following these tips.

With the advancement in hair care and hair styling, it has led us to have well maintained and stylish hairs all along. Mentioned below are a few tips for long curly hair, to keep its natural and gorgeous beauty. Try these healthy hair tips to see how easy to, maintain the natural curls:-

  • Avoid brushing your curls: it’s important to understand that combing or brushing straight hairs is fine, but doing so for curls, especially when it’s dry will separate the hair strand from each other. Let them be naturally curly as the way they are. It also results in frizz and is painful to forcibly trying to brush them. Brush them while they are wet, and that too from a wide toothed brush. Curly hairs are more fragile and is more hydrated and supple when it’s wet.
  • Do not dry your hair: let your curls dry naturally, and do not use blowers or hair dryers to dry them off, so that they group together and forms a proper curl. If it is so necessary to dry them off quickly then blow dry the roots and allow the rest to dry naturally.
  • Curl enhancement products: use products that are especially manufactured to enhance the look of curly hairs, because use of other enhancement products will make your hairs look dull and limp. Use curl up conditioners and curl creams for that instance. Curly hairs are more prone to lack of moisture and protein. Use of coconut oil and other such products helps maintaining moisture.
  • Sleep on satin: satin pillow covers are a good way to keep the curls from matting overnight. Use of sleep caps are also a good way to keep your hairs in proper form. The idea is to keep the curls from twisting and rubbing with each other, so that you have less tangled hairs.
  • Choose a curly hair expert to trim your hairs: only approach a hair dresser, who have the experience to handle curly hairs. A lot of time the common mistake made is getting the lengths trimmed too much, thus resulting in much shorter looks that ever thought of as curls springs up back resulting in undesired lengths.

As a style note it is also important to avoid heavy curls and layers over the around the face, as it results in dog years and takes a while to grow. Curly hairs if styles right looks gorgeous.

It is important to note that there are many different types of curly hairs and each type needs different care from the other. For great looks and great hairs, understand the type of curl that you have by understanding what it likes and dislikes and carry on with what suits the best.