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Why the Successful Hair Transplant Ratio is very less

The hair transplant procedure is such a sophisticated plastic & a cosmetic surgery procedure that requires both the artistic & surgical skills & qualifications in order to get the utmost satisfactory result. As we all know that, we need a cosmetic surgery procedure to enhance our looks and overall facial appeal and hair are one that asset that helps in our grooming. The hair transplant procedure is performed all over the world to restore the original hair by the process of transferring the hair roots from the donor location to the recipient bald portion. The hair transplant in India provides you with the best Surgeons and clinics at an affordable cost with all the standard facilities and hygienic care. The significance of receiving the procedure depends on their success rate that must be rated on the received outcomes in terms of hairline design, desired density as well as the successful graft implantation onto the recipient bald portion.

There is a need to define that what actually successful hair transplantation is and that’s why we are highlighting the aspect that is related to successful hair transplantation. The hair transplant cost is always being an ear-raising questions in the Western world countries, but in India; it serves at an affordable price. The success rate of hair transplant in Western world countries is comparatively less to India and it makes a major cause of moving hair loss patients to Asian countries like India.

It is unlikely to have an unsuccessful hair transplant if you have chosen a practiced Surgeon and right clinic for your hair restoration procedure. So, it is a major deciding factor in the area of hair restoration that how efficiently you have done the research in order to choose the best Surgeon as well as the best hair transplant clinic.

Here are some points that will highlight the needed aspect of getting the best outcome of the hair restoration surgery is as follows:

Hands of an Experienced Surgeon:

It is very important to choose the best hair transplant surgeon if you are moving to receive the procedure as an ultimate decision. Since the hair implantation has been the final solution of hair loss problem, it must be noted that you have chosen the particular Surgeon after an in-depth research that must be based on the patients’ after and before pictures and make sure that you met the patients in person to judge their received outcomes. There is 95% success rate of the procedure if the performing hand is an expert in the restoration field.

The Role of Artistic sense in the Hair Transplant:

The artistic part of hair transplant surgery constitutes 60% and the sense of artistic mind comes after a number of years’ experience and expertise in the hair restoration field. Only qualified plastic & cosmetic surgeons who possess specialization in the hair transplant faculty can assure you about the best outcomes of the procedure. The artistic touch of the procedure can be seen through the hairline design and getting the best natural hairline design is one of the first and foremost requirements of the hair transplant procedure.

Choosing the right Technique:

The technique selection in the hair transplant procedure has a pivotal role that decides the success of the procedure. How many grafts can be extracted to sort out the particular NW grade of baldness can only decide by the technique of the restoration procedure that allows a surgeon to fulfill the requirement of a bald head. Scientifically, there are two proven techniques of the procedure, namely, the FUT hair transplant and the FUE hair transplant. The FUT hair transplant is comparatively better in order to give the desired number of hair follicles as the extraction job is done through the strip excision that is quite compatible to solve the problem of a higher grade of NW baldness.

Are you a right Candidate:

This is one of the most concerning questions when you have decided to take the restoration procedure. Are you a suitable candidate to receive the procedure that can be measured on some parameters such as age-factor, the available degree of baldness, the present health condition of the bald patient, and the case relation with Androgenic alopecia (genetic baldness) or there may have some other reason.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant is successful only when it is performed by the expert hair transplant Surgeon. The rate of success all depends on the skills, precision, perfection, and understanding level of the Surgeon who judges the case carefully and applies the suitable technique to achieve the best cosmetic benefit of the procedure.