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The Ancient Beginnings of Bread and Pizza Making Stones

It is impossible to discuss the making of pizza without the introduction of the science of bread baking. The development and use of ovens are what brought about the delicate art of baking bread and the tasty flatbread treat we now know as pizza. The use of a stone surface was determined best from the start. The evolution of this early technology led us to the creation of pizza stones that provide some of the best results ever achieved in the history of baked goods.

Why Pizza Stones Create the Perfect Pizza

Many people think that using a pizza stone is done in order to get the crust just right. This kitchen essential is an important feature of the perfect pizza, but the right stone adds more than quality touches to the crust. Using a pizza stone helps distribute and control the humidity. You end up with zero soft, undone spots. Gooey dough and cold toppings in the center can turn off the appetite quick. Even heating, perfect humidity, and perfect doneness is all possible with the right pizza stone.

Roman Empire (27BC – 476AD) and Oven Cooking

The Romans were one of the most powerful empires on planet earth. They were far more advanced than many give them credit for since they existed so many centuries before what is considered the “blossoming of technical knowledge.” One thing they seemed to enjoy is a good, well-cooked meal. They recognized quickly that bread had to be handled delicately to get good results. Thier development of stone carved ovens provided the perfect heat source to bake bread like pizza crust first, while everything else would be sealed up in the oven for a slow-cook.

Ancient Jewish Baking Heritage 

Ancient Jewish baking worked along the same lines as the Roman method, although they would often use flat hewn stones as “shelving” to hold multiple flatbreads at one time. They would use similar methods of sealing up ovens with clay to slow-cook meats and other foods. The precious initial heat was used to create flatbread drizzled with olive oil, herbs, and fresh vegetables. This is standardly considered the birth of the modern day pizza.

Transition to Masonry Ovens and Dedicated Bread Stones

As the years rolled along, it was discovered that ovens worked much nicer when they were constructed of brick masonry and top vented. These bricks were mostly made of clay, but some communities would spend the time to carve stones for community bakeries. There were flat stones set aside that served to bake bread, and only bread. The stones of preferred thickness and width were used until they cracked with age and the punishment of frequent use.

Modern Pizza Stone Technology

Modern-day pizza stone technology has the ability to provide the perfect baking surface with the use of any available oven and grill. The material is incredibly durable and resists chipping and cracking due to age, or constant use. Cast Elegance offers tones made of Thermarite, which provides an even temperature and moisture balance. This will guarantee that the pizza crust is baked evenly to perfection each time the stone is used. It is easy to clean and store for future use.

You can take advantage of the advances in technology through the ages and get the perfect pizza stone at an affordable price today.