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The Next Nine Months: How to Have a Powerful and Rewarding Pregnancy

With the National Center for Health Statistics now reporting that over 3-million babies are born per year in the United States, it’s safe to say that becoming a parent is an import part of our society. Along with impressive statistics such as these comes the great responsibility for parents to do their best both during the pregnancy and after the child has arrived. If you’re a soon-to-be mother, or a couple that is expecting your first child, this article will give the necessary insight and strategies to optimize the childbirth and make the pregnancy flow as smooth as possible.

A Healthy Diet is Essential

When a mother first learns that she will be having a child in nine months, her first inclination is to rush to the store to purchase baby clothes, books on raising an infant and an assortment of items that will alleviate the struggles of bringing a newborn into the world. Although this is not a terrible idea, the first area of her life that needs to be assessed is her diet and what food she’s ingesting on a regular basis. Experts now know that inadequate amounts of nutrition while a baby is in the womb, or excessive use of drugs and alcohol, can wreak havoc on a child’s development prior to birth. In fact, babies that fail to receive proper nutrition from their mothers often suffer from growth issues, heart disorders and even cognitive decline as they begin to age.

To avoid this, we must incorporate a diet consisting of the vitamins and nutrients that are essential to growth. Health care professionals believe that consuming five-hundred calories over your daily recommended intake is ideal for your baby to grow big and strong in the womb. These calories can be filled with tasty foods such as Greek Yogurt for probiotics and vitamin D, sweet potatoes for vitamin A, healthy fish for healthy fats and leafy vegetables for critical minerals. Eating these foods on a regular basis will provide a night-and-day difference within your pregnancy experience and ultimately ensure your baby has a healthy life.

Clarity and Planning

Free pregnancy testing in Naples, Florida gives soon-to-be mothers a glimpse into what their future holds. Can you imagine being left in the dark about a potential life changing experience that will occur in the next nine months? Forecasting the pregnancy months in advance allows families and individuals to prepare, plan and formulate their actions about how to fully embrace the joy of being a parent.

If you are in the unique situation of becoming a parent, or know someone that has become pregnant, use this article as a brief guideline on how to prepare. Remember: diet, health and exercise are the key areas in which mothers should focus on prior to their baby’s arrival. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation reveals that individuals who regularly plan are ten-times more likely to succeed in their endeavors — planning your journey through pregnancy can produce wonders!