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How to Do Your Makeup When You’re Running Late for a Party

With our busy schedules, juggling between family and work-life its hard to find time to socialize with your friends. Often your weekends are packed with pending chores you aren’t able to get around to on weekdays and might find yourself with little time to dress up to attend a party where all your friends going to be. You don’t have to follow every smokey eye tutorial step by step to achieve the look you want.

To make it easy for you, we have some quick tips to achieve your party look, in no time you will be looking like a diva, ready to head out and catch up with your friends!

1) Let Your Eyes or Lips Be the Hero:

When you’re short on time, you can’t focus on all your features. Instead of a face revamp, put the focus on your eyes or lips. Choose a deep red or berry shade lipstick and fill those lips up. Before filling in your lips, you can use a lip liner to define them.

Check out the Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick in Rebel Red by Maybelline and let your lips be the center of attention. Maybelline has a wide range of liquid lipstick colors to ink your lips with a long-lasting formula. Even if all hell breaks loose, your lipstick will stay intact.

2) Let Those Cheekbones Glow:

Pump up your look with some shimmer! You can check out the exceptional range of highlighters by Makeup Revolution. One of the most famous liquid highlighters by this UK based cosmetics brands is their Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter. It’s affordable, easily blends onto your skin and gives a natural glow.

Pick up a beauty blender and dab 2 tiny drops of the liquid highlighter on your cheekbones. Now take the beauty blender and evenly blend it on both sides. Tap some liquid highlighter to the corner of your eyes to make them pop. Adding some shimmer to your look will make you look fresh and shiny!

3) One Shade To-Go:

Pick one metallic shade that compliments your skin and amp up your look if you have the time. Golden Rose has easy to use and long-lasting metallic liquid eyeshadows, you can lightly smudge on your eyelids. These eyeshadows are lightweight and super pigmented. You can just use a little bit of the product and make your eyes look pretty before heading to the party.

For better results, you should let the product dry with your eyes closed. Otherwise, there might be patches on your eyelids and you don’t want that to ruin your look. You can also go for one single shade from a powder eyeshadow palette if you’re not into liquid eyeshadows and blend it on your eyelids.

Hoping that these tips were helpful for you! Try them out and let us know in the comments section!

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